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Happy February!

I hope this year has started off well for you, it was a rough start for all of us in Portland!

It snowed – and we are not set up for the beautiful white stuff! It was fun for the first few days, but once it turned to ice, it lost it’s allure.

At the end of the year, I saw many people that were saying 2016 sucked, and while there were a few things that didn’t turn out the way I planned, and some sadness in our family at the end of the year, I’m not ready to call the whole year bad – I’d rather focus on what went well.

All too often, it’s easy to get caught up in complaining about everything that is wrong. An easy example for me is driving. Why is it that I always end up behind someone going 10 miles an hour BELOW the speed limit? It makes me nuts! Traffic in Portland has gotten pretty bad – and it’s not as easy to get around as it used to be, things just take longer. I can get myself all worked in to a tizzy, so I’m in a horrible mood when I arrive at my destination, or I can take a deep breath, turn on some music I like, and enjoy the ride, no matter how long it takes.

What matters is what we focus on. 

Have you ever decided that you were going to buy a certain model of car. and then noticed that you were seeing that car everywhere? It’s not that there are miraculously more of those cars, it’s just that you have created more awareness in your brain and now you are actually noticing them!

It’s the same way when you complain about something in your life – what you focus on expands.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather focus on something GOOD if it’s going to expand.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard all the self-help peeps talking about gratitude.

It has been scientifically proven that focusing on what you are grateful for can help increase your happiness. Shawn Achor can explain it much better than I can – you can watch his 12 1/2 minute Tedx talk about it here: The Happiness Advantage.

Most recently, I read a book called Thank and Grow Rich, by Pamela Grout. It’s another GREAT read on creating positive change in your life. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I truly believe the key to happiness is GRATITUDE.

If you want to see your life change for the better – start being grateful for everything. Not just the good stuff . . . .everything. I’ll be writing about this more over the course of the year as it’s going to be MY focus for the year. I guess that makes my word for the year GRATITUDE.

I’m also going to focus on spreading good news instead of bad news – I want to give more exposure to what is going well, instead of all that is going wrong.

I choose to be an ambassador of HOPE.

How about you? How are you shifting the energy in your life? 

Deep breaths and big hugs!