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Learn to move with more confidence so you can stay active and feel better in your body today and everyday!


The goal of Everyday Movement Online is to provide an easy to follow practice that gets you moving, delivers results, is fun to do, and is easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

We’ll explore breathing, yoga, mobility, how to build good habits, pain science and more. No experience is necessary, just an open mind and a desire to feel better in your body.

Membership Includes:

Online classes to improve range of movement, flexibility, core stability and breathing.

Mini mobility movement breaks you can practice throughout the day.

Yoga Flow classes to stretch, strengthen, relax and restore. (New classes added weekly).

Quarterly challenges, live classes and special online workshops.

“I loved your yoga sessions and wish there was anything nearly as good in CA! Not only the yoga, but I enjoyed you! You are fun and have a delightful, cheery disposition. I hope to cross paths again.”

~ Edie, CA


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